In the back country of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, a group of friends came together to play classic rock from an awesome era…but it wasn’t done in the traditional manner…. nope.. we did it our way….we twisted it up…

Frayed Nott was born….

Through several stages the group was fine tuned into a rockin’ machine that plays “totally” random rock from the 80’s and 90’s. We’ve played at great spots like the Tourist Inn, Tubby’s, Ceolta’s…just to mention a few….so watch out Nottheads…lots more rocking to come your way!

Dave Lead singer and bass player

Joe Drummer and back up vocals

Matt Lead guitar and back up vocals

DJ Sound, lights, etc

Frayed Nott plays great rock and roll with the edge that keeps the songs fresh, while staying true to what rock needs it to be…

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